Surgical Treatment

Treatment (or management) of breast abnormalities may refer to plans for follow-up or removal. Not all breast abnormalities require removal by surgery. Some need only monitoring with a repeat imaging or x-ray a few months from the time of the original imaging study. Others may require minimally invasive methods of treatment.

Some conditions may require more involved forms of treatment like surgery. One of the major breast problems is breast cancer.

Breast cancer often involves surgery, chemotherapy, hormonal therapy and radiotherapy. The sequence in which they are recommended may differ depending on the severity of the cancer. The most common order of treatment is surgery followed by chemotherapy, radiotherapy and then hormonal therapy. However, in larger cancers, it may be appropriate to do a biopsy, followed by chemotherapy, and then surgery and radiotherapy.

Whatever the sequence may be, Dr Tan’s objective is to provide the most effective treatment for each patient, always bearing in mind that she would like to give every woman diagnosed with breast cancer a fighting chance to preserve her natural breast in as close to its original form as much as possible.

If the removal of the entire breast is what has been recommended for you by another surgeon, you may wish to consult Dr Tan to see if breast conservation surgery is appropriate and possible for you. Please feel free to discuss this with Dr Tan during a consult. Kindly note that as much as she would like to preserve the affected breast in all cases of breast cancer, there are some situations that warrant the removal of the entire breast (mastectomy).

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