As women working in MammoCare, we are well aware how distressing it may be to learn that one has breast cancer and may possibly lose a breast in search of treatment. The GOOD NEWS is that 80% or more of cancers do not need to be treated with breast removal (mastectomy). Breast conservation treatment (keeping the breast for the treatment of breast cancer) is an effective alternative to a mastectomy and does not necessarily result in poorer outcomes.

However, if not performed properly, breast conservation surgery for breast cancer can result in a deformed (or ‘dented’) breast in 30% of cases. (Baildum, British Journal of Surgery 2002) Some women are bothered enough by the deformity to seek correction through a second operation. Aware of the issues that come with breast conservation surgery, Dr Tan uses oncoplastic techniques and remodelling to prevent deformity in a single operation. All that is possible to avoid a second operation is done, using a combination of frozen section (a quick tissue test during surgery) and planned operative approaches. Some of her techniques have been developed by herself and described for the first time internationally in reputable journals. (Kindly contact MammoCare for a copy of Dr Tan’s articles.) Apart from those already published, there are also other approaches that are in the process of being published. Her articles have allowed her to be recognised as an authority in this area and she has been invited to speak at international breast cancer conferences. In addition, experts in the field of breast cancer surgery have also made requests for her articles to adopt these methods in their practice as well.

The techniques that Dr Tan employs involve only the remaining breast tissue after clearing all cancer tissue. This approach has been shown to produce the best cosmetic results and lowest complication rates when compared with partial and total reconstruction of the breast using tissue taken from other parts of the body. (Kronowitz, 2006) Special planning and considerations have to be made before they are successful. In her vast experience using these techniques, majority of breast cancers can undergo breast conservation surgery with reasonable cosmetic outcomes, avoiding deformity. Only a small minority require a mastectomy for surgical treatment of breast cancer.

Dr Tan’s objective in taking the extra effort to perform remodelling is to enable each woman with breast cancer to undergo appropriate treatment, and then return to life as quickly as possible, and with as little change as possible to her natural, physical self.

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