Singapore Comparison

HospitalBreast Conservation Rates  Five-year Overall SurvivalDisease Free SurvivalSentinel lymph node identification ratesSentinel lymph node false negative ratesLymphoedema RatesRe-operation Rates
Singapore General Hospital/NCC  31.5% (Stage 0-IV)193.5% 280.2% 286% 316.7% 3 13.5% 4NR54.3% 5
National University Hospital  29.2% (Stage 0-IV)650.2% (Stage III)6NRNRNRNRNR
Kandang Kerbau Women’s & Children’s Hospital  31.0% (Stage 0-IV)7NRNRNRNRNR10.3% 8
Tan Tock Seng Hospital39.1% (Stage I,II)9Approx 90% 10 (Stage 0-III)  NR91.5% 1113-34% 11,12NR33.9% 13
Changi General Hospital  23.3% (Stage 0-IV)1487.5% 1476.6% 14NRNRNRNR
MammoCare  85.7% (Stage 0-IV)1597.1% (Unifocal) 16            (Stage 0-IV) 16 95.8% (Multiple) 1692.5% 1796.2% 180% 188% 190.8% 20

NR: Not reported at time of compilation 31 Dec 2017


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