First Visit

MammoCare welcomes those who may wish to organise a screening mammogram, or those who may have a problem for which a medical opinion is sought.

For those who just wish for screening, please visit this website for an appointment

For those who have had x-rays done recently, the findings may be probably benign (likely not cancer ), indeterminate (of an uncertain nature), suspicious (possibility of being cancer ) or malignant (very highly likely to cancer)

Following consultation, Dr Tan may recommend follow up for monitoring, a repeat x-ray, a biopsy to confirm the nature of the abnormality or treatment. Please note that recommendations are different for each situation. As long as the abnormality noted is not definitively benign, a plan for further management should be formulated. The recommended plan and rationale behind it will be discussed. As such, first time consultations usually last 20-30 minutes. For complex situations, consultations may last an hour.

For those who have symptoms like a lump in the breast, pain, nipple discharge, or other concerns, x-ray or imaging investigations will likely be needed if not already done. The sequence of events for your visit may be as follows:

Consultation and physical examination by Dr Tan
Mammogram & ultrasound (usually followed by a wait of on and a half hours for the results), if you already have a diagnosis.

First Visit

Please note that x-ray or imaging investigations may take up to a total of two and a half hours for completion and preparation of the report. In all, one may be expected to spend about 3-4 hrs with us in the vicinity. If this is inconvenient for you, please inform us & we would be happy to arrange for a more convenient scheduling. Having said that, our healthcare facilities are situated in walking distance from retail hubs and you may wish to plan your visit with Dr Tan such that the waiting period is spent in a most beneficial manner.

We would be grateful if during appointment scheduling, our patients & clients could provide us with information on prior tests done for better assessment appointment times and duration of consultation.

Our Locations

Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital
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Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital
Singapore 329563
Phone: (65) 6694 1706

Mount Elizabeth Orchard
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Consultation Hours

Mon - Fri: 9 am to 12:30pm; 2 pm to 5 pm
Sat: Strictly by Appointment