Early Detection

Early Detection With Breast Screening

Women can play an active role in beating breast cancer.

The objective of breast screening is to detect breast cancer early, so that treatment is 30-40% more likely to be successful. Screening mammography has been shown to confer a 40% survival advantage. That means that women who have their breast cancers detected during breast screening, rather than waiting for a problem to be felt, have a higher chance of surviving breast cancer.

Clinical examination, mammography, and ultrasound are complementary modalities. Used in combination, they are effective in the detection of breast cancer, but are not perfect. Regular breast examination and screening plays an important role in detecting changes, which may alert one to the possibility of cancer.

In addition, detecting the cancer when it is smaller, there is a better chance of being able to preserve the breast. The American Cancer Society recommends annual mammograms for screening. A study done in Singapore and published in 2002 showed that locally, an optimal time interval for mammographic screening is closer to one year, as an additional 17% of cancers could be detected by screening.

When abnormalities are detected, doctors look at the patterns that are formed on the mammogram or ultrasound. Based on these patterns, recommendations are made for either follow-up, further mammographic views, other modalities of imaging or biopsy. You may wish to consult Dr Tan to better understand the patterns that are seen on your investigations and decide what management plans to undertake.

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