Dr. Mona Tan work has been cited in an International Conference

Have you offered been a mastectomy (total breast removal) for a diagnosis of breast cancer? 

There may be a better option for you!

It was first observed in the year 2007 that women in Western Australia who were diagnosed with breast cancer and underwent Breast Conservation Treatment (BCT) had better survival when compared with total breast removal (mastectomy).1 Since then, several studies have confirmed these findings.

The viability of BCT is so important that a world-renowned surgeon, Professor Michael Gnant from the Medical University of Vienna, cited Dr Tan’s work (jointly with Professor Edibaldo Silva from University of Nebraska Medical University) at the St Gallen International Breast Cancer Conference in March 2021. 

Dr Mona Tan was cited in a presentation by Professor Michael Gnant from the Medical University of Vienna at the recent 2021 St Gallen Breast Cancer Conference which was held from 17-21 March 2021

If you or your loved ones have been offered mastectomy or total breast removal for breast cancer, you may wish to consult Dr Tan, who has decades of experience with high BCT rates, to see if breast conservation is possible, for it might mean improved outcomes for you.  Survival gain with BCT may be as high as 56%-70%!2


  1. Martin MA, Meyricke R, O’Neill T, Roberts S.  Breast-conserving surgery versus mastectomy for survival from breast cancer: the Western Australian experience.  Ann Surg Oncol 2007;14:157-64
  2. de Boniface J, Szulkin R, Johansson ALV.  Survival after breast conservation vs Mastectomy adjusted for comorbidity and socioeconomic status.  JAMA Surg, doi:10.1001/jamasurg.2021.1438

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