Consultation Expectations

This short article is to offer insight into Dr Tan’s mode of service to her patients, so that they might have an idea of what to expect when consulting her about breast conditions.

Dr Tan believes in presenting facts and evidence-based information.  Medical evidence is obtained after laborious research and analysis of data.  Still, not every detail about a disease is known at any one point in time.  Dr Tan will discuss the data and evidence available up to the present and how it relates to her patient’s condition.  There will be some particulars that will not be known and Dr Tan hopes that patients will understand that she is being totally honest when she says that some details are not known.  She feels that this is a better approach than to provide false reassurance that everything about breast disease is known with certainty and that all will turn out well in future.

For example, when Covid-19 was first detected in late 2019, there was no way to know where and how the pandemic would evolve.  However, we had some information about a similar condition (SARS) and used that as a reference to offer approaches on how we can tackle the problem.  The choices that each individual and each nation’s government makes has a significant impact on the outcome of the condition.  It is not helpful when the leader of a nation tells his countrymen that Covid will ‘disappear like magic’ by Easter 2020 when he knows it may very well not be the case.  One of Dr Tan’s patients termed this as ‘toxic positivity’ which led to unnecessary suffering.  Dr Tan does not wish to offer toxic positivity which may give her patients an unrealistic outlook of their condition.

Therefore, Dr Tan’s objective is to present the facts of her patient’s medical condition.  She will then provide the currently available data on how the issue can be managed and provide realistic expectations of the outcomes.  There will be details she will not be able to provide as the information may not yet available for various reasons.  Having spent decades providing treatment for women with breast conditions, Dr Tan is cognisant of the fact that many of her patients desire definitive outcomes at the point of consultation.  However, as she does not wish to give false reassurances which may result in unnecessary problems later, there will be occasions when this is not feasible.  Nevertheless, it is her ultimate aim always to offer what she truly believes to be the best treatment approach for each and every of her patients.  

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