Breast Surgery Outcomes in various hospitals in Singapore

Effect of Breast Conservation Therapy vs Mastectomy on Disease-Specific Survival for Early-Stage Breast Cancer

Breast Surgery Outcomes

Published on: January 15, 2014
Author: Agarwal et al
Centre: Department of Surgery, University of Michigan

Published data on Breast Conservation Rates for Breast Cancer in Singapore

Author Centre n Characteristics %BCT
Chuwa National Cancer Centre Singapore (2002-2003) 767(total) Symptomatic
Screen detected
Stage 0-IV
Wang Changi General Hospital(2002-2008) 761 Symptomatic
Screen detected
Stage 0-IV
Chang NUH (1990-2007) 2449 Stage 0-IV 29.2%
Woon TTSH (2000-2002) 389 Stage I & II 39.1%
Sim National Cancer Centre Singapore/Singapore General Hospital (2001-2010) 5130 All 29.2%


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Comparison of Published data on Sentinel lymph node procedures for Breast Cancer in Southeast Asia

Author Centre SLN Identification SLN false negative Comments
Lyman G, et al American Society of Clinical Oncology Greater than 85% Less than 5% Guideline rates should be met before abandoning axillary dissection as standard of care
Yong WS et al Singapore General Hospital 86% 16.7% False negative rate too high
Ang CH, et al Tan Tock Seng Hospital, Singapore 91.5% 13-34% Axillary dissection abandoned before achieving guideline requirements for false negative rates
Namwongprom S, et al Chiang Mai University 91.4% 30.8% Self-reported high false negative rates


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