After Surgery

Many of the patients at MammoCare come from other countries in the region. We thought that it might be useful to provide an estimate of the usual periods of hospital stay expected for our patients who undergo surgery with us. These may vary according to each individual’s conditions. Patients with serious medical illnesses may need to remain in hospital a little longer.

Expected Duration of Hospital Stay for Various Procedures

Wide excision / Sentinel lymph node Day Surgery / 1 night
Wide excision / Axillary clearance 1 night / possibly Day Surgery
Mastectomy / Sentinel lymph node 1 night
Mastectomy / Axillary clearance 2 nights

Mild pain or discomfort following surgery may occur occasionally. Painkillers or analgesics are usually not required, but can be offered if necessary. We have had patients who had surgery done as a day case the day after consultation and flew home to a neighbouring country the day after the operation.*

Recovering at Home:

Wide excision / Sentinel lymph node *Fit to fly day after discharge
Wide excision / axillary clearance May require aspiration
Mastectomy / axillary clearance For non-Singapore residents, please expect to stay in Singapore for at 1-2 weeks after discharge.

Here we see Widya, a young woman in her 30s who came to see Dr Tan with a left breast cancer. This photograph was taken of her, together with other members of her family and Dr Tan, three hours after she completed her cancer surgery, at her request. She flew home to Jakarta the day after surgery.

After Treatment

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