Why choose MammoCare for your Breast Health?

Welcome to MammoCare! Thank you for spending time with us. We think you might like to know a little about the doctor behind MammoCare, Dr Mona Tan, and her treatment philosophy.

Dr Tan has been in the medical field for more than 30 years and has dedicated much of that time to treating women with breast conditions.

In her decades of practice, she has written many scientific articles as first author, detailing surgical care for women with breast cancer. These articles have been published in international peer-reviewed medical journals and can be obtained through search engines on the internet. In recognition of her expertise, she has been invited to be part of the Editorial Boards of several academic journals.

Being familiar with breast cancer surgery research, she knows that it is recognised internationally that breast conservation treatment (retaining the healthy part of the breast after removing cancer) results in higher survival outcomes than mastectomy (total removal of the breast).¹ Yet, it has been reported that locally that more than 70% of women undergo mastectomy as part of breast cancer treatment. Based on the evidence in medical literature, many of these women would have undergone total breast removal (mastectomy) for no survival benefit.

Dr Tan is therefore particularly concerned that women should receive appropriate counselling before undertaking a decision to undergo surgery for breast cancer. It is her hope that more women will undergo breast conservation. She has published outcomes for her patients who have undergone surgical treatment with her. Among her patients, 85% undergo breast conservation surgery, compared with less than 39% for all other locally reported series. It is clear that higher breast conservation rates do not result in poorer survival. ²


Her practice is therefore designed to optimise breast conservation. This involves a multi-fronted approach. Firstly, Dr Tan offers breast screening with mammogram and other appropriate radiology studies for early detection of breast disease. Secondly, breast biopsy is promptly offered when the need arises due to an unusual finding or if a woman wishes to be certain of her diagnosis. Dr Tan is well-versed with breast biopsy techniques and as early as the year 2000, she was demonstrating these specialised techniques to international delegates at a breast imaging conference.³  Thirdly, if her patient is unfortunately diagnosed with breast cancer, she is a strong advocate for breast conservation treatment as she is totally convinced that it is associated with better survival.

Dr Tan’s ultimate goal is to offer optimum survival outcomes for women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer. As already alluded to, this entails a holistic approach combining early detection for breast cancer with screening, the most expedient method of biopsy in a woman’s individual circumstances if indicated, and breast conservation treatment where appropriate for women with breast cancer to maximise survival and local control.

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