MammoCare aims to offer the best breasthealth for each individual woman. Achieving this comes by fulfilling two subsidiary goals. The first is to partner with our patients for early detection of breast cancer. The second is to strive achieve breast conservation treatment (BCT) if she should be diagnosed with breast cancer.

Early Detection of Breast Cancer

It is known that women who participate in a breast screening programme allow themselves the opportunity for early detection of a serious breast condition. If they fall among the unfortunate minority who are diagnosed with breast cancer, treatment of early breast cancer results in better survival outcomes than women who do not participate in breast screening. MammoCare encourages mammography, ultrasound examination and clinical assessment of the breasts for comprehensive breast screening. Feel free to contact us and we will be happy to discuss with you the reasons for this tri-partite combined screening programme.

Breast Conservation Treatment (BCT)

Increasingly, contemporary medical studies have shown that women who undergo BCT have higher breast cancer-specific survival rates than those who undergo mastectomy. As such, it is Dr Mona Tan’s primary goal to enable women to have this breast conservation treatment should she be diagnosed with breast cancer. In addition to better survival, women also have a better sense of body image and have a better quality of life during breast cancer survivorship.

Dr Mona Tan has written extensively on techniques to avoid deformity when performing BCT. These articles have been published in reputable journals and are indexed in medical search engines. They can be located by keying in ‘Tan Mona’ as a search term in PubMed.

Breast screening with mammogram, ultrasound examinations and clinical assessment optimises the chances of early detection, which increases the likelihood that a woman would be eligible for Breast Conservation Treatment, which in turn confers higher survival, thereby maximising the number of women with breast cancer who can return to their normal lives after treatment. This is our ultimate purpose at MammoCare.

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